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Domestic Water Softener India

Domestic Water Softener

1. Soaps and Shampoos dont lather leave you,

feeling unwashed. Which is why you' ll love water  softener : it cuts out the hardness in water and puts the goodness right back. Leaving your skin smooth as silk.

 2. Hard water causes residual deposits and scale build-ups.  Damaging your water heaters, washing machines, showers, dishwashers, pipelines, taps and other appliances. Their life goes down by 45%, while maintenance costs go up by 25%.

3. Fine crystal stands for fine taste. But it needs soft water to keepits sheen. And hard water can make life hard for it.

4.Hard water reduces the cleaning power of  detergents. soft water reduces soaps requirements by about 70%.

5.Food and water taste different. cooking takes longer than ever before. cooking gas consumption increases by 30% . hard water also causes scale deposits on utensils.

6.Would you bear to see your expesive bathroom fittings decay? hard water leaves scales which clog pipes, faucets, valves and fixtures.

7.Hard water leads to deterioration and fading of fabrics. it reduces life of your fabrics by 15%

8.Hard water makes hard work out of washing floors, tiles and walls. it renders cleaning ineffective.>

9.Craggy hairs, dry hairs, hair loss,. all have roots in hard water.

10.Hard water reacts adversely with detergents. which means even your little ones ultra soft towels turn rough on their sof skin. soft water caresses, hard water irritates.

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