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Drinking Water Filters

Drinking Domestic Water Filters

Over the couple of years our company has provided more than 50,000 installations and is the leading water service solution provider in India. Watchem not only provides solution in the drinking water problems but also provides solutions in desalination water reuse and plant automation services. It also extends its hand in providing solutions to minimize costs and meet new requirements. Various industries and municipal corporations around the globe choose our products and services which are cost effective and efficient.
Some of the featured applications of our product includes arsenic removal, disinfection, groundwater remediation, taste and odor control, etc. also some of our featured products includes the Granular Activated Carbon, Chemical Feed and Distribution, Membrane Filtration, etc.
Featured Applications
1.Arsenic Removal

2.Disinfection 3.Disinfection By-Products Removal
4.Groundwater Remediation
5.Taste and Odor Control

Featured Products and Services
1.Granular Activated Carbon
2.Chemical Feed & Disinfection
3.Membrane Filtration
4.Separation & Clarification  
Drinking & Domestic