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Steam Condensate Polishing

Polishing Unit

Our company also provides polishing units. The purpose of condensate polishing units is to remove corrosive impurities like ‘crud’ that are present in the boiler.

This machinery finds its application in super thermal power stations and its main aim is to improve the quality of water in the boiler. Some of the benefits of this product includes that it generally improves the quality of condensate and reduces blow down and makeup requirements. Also using this product improves the start up and results in early reach of full load conditions.

Steam Condensate Polishing Units
Widely used in nuclear (pressurized water reactor) & fossil power plants, condensate polishing unit is used for purifying return steam condensate. This is crucial for meeting the quality needs of the high pressure thermal cycles. It also assists in reducing the consumption of make-up water. The unit is used mainly to remove Corrosive impurities and dissolved salts.